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I found this Image in the ladies room at local restaurant. Wild free Mustangs…

The modern vision of ourselves and the world has stultified out imaginations. It has fixed our view of personality (psychology), or insanity (psychopathology), and of matter and objects (science), of the cosmos (metaphysics), and of the nature of the divine (theology). Moreover it has fixed the methods in all these fields so that they present a unified front against soul. Some people in desperation have turned to witchcraft, magic and occultism, to drugs and madness, anything to rekindle imagination and find a world ensouled. But these reactions are not enough. What is needed is a revisioning a fundamental shift of perspective out of that soulless predicament we call modern consciousness. ~ James Hillman Re-Visioning Psychology.


Today while walking the campus of our local Jr. College I was amazed at the transformation that is taking place here. It is a slow one but a rich one. Now I find myself as an art, drums and swim mom because I take youngest son around to where he needs to go. I remember this college being the place where the lights turned on for me. I was 18 and everything was brighter, everything had new meaning. Again I feel it… I have come back to where it all started and again it is a re-visioning! As it once was…something new is coming my way, and like then I don’t have a clue. It feels as love, riding a horse or gliding on a swing. During the dark cantankerous nights of summer I endure for it.

So be this Romantic!!



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