Play this loud so everyone can hear it !!


Even the sound of a pepper tree…can house a mad woman !!!

Yesterday…the only cleaning lady to ever come to a house I have lived in, came to clean the sawdust and dirt off our new kitchen cabinets. Also to finish cleaning up the remodeled kitchen that is a new experience for me as well. My mother lived in the same house for 50 years and never did this? So, indirectly, I’m doing this for mom and myself. It is amazing. Fourteen years in a house, as old as me, gets a face lift. I can compromise. Yet this is not the focus of my story. The focus is on a cleaning lady. She was nice to me. We gave her all the things she needed to clean. This is all part of the contractors agreement of course. As I sat in my computer room the entertainment began. She started having a very loud conversation with someone in Spanish. I am not bilingual. It was not so much her cleaning with one hand as she held her cell phone in the other; because I admire multitasking. It was the loudness. I could hear both sides of the conversation. They started to, badly, sing songs. The birds stopped singing outside. Like a cat that pisses on its territory, this cleaning lady was pissing on ours. I was amused and so I let it happen.
This actually took me back to the day when music was loud. Woofers & Tweeters, Ghetto Blasters and Car Radios screamed like the cleaning lady’s conversation. Now a new generation of earphones & headphones with long earbuds dangle under shirts that are camouflaged. A flip listening to music has happened that this cleaning lady has not learned about …yet. These are the facts, either she is unawares to her actions, does not give a shit about the environment that she is now in, or…. I will leave that up to you…dearest reader. The loud but nice cleaning lady did her work and was off.

play loud… to mom!!

Thought that I would forget you?
Heaven knows that’s not my style.
And that I would let you…
Walk away without at least goodbye.
You shouldn’t let those feelings fool you.
You shouldn’t let those feelings get you down.

We’re happy together now.
Feeling you close to me baby.
Happy till the end of time.
We’re happy together now.
Feeling you close to me baby.
Happy till the end of time.

We’re happy together.. happy together.

Thought that I was a devil?
But I’m an angel waiting for my wings.
And I was out to hurt you?
But I’ve no wish to ever ’cause you pain.
‘Cause there’s enough in this world of sorrow.
I’ve no wish to add some more to it.

We’re happy together now.
Feeling you close to me baby.
Happy till the end of time.
We’re happy together now.
Feeling you close to me baby.
Happy till the end of time.
We’re happy together.. happy together.

I don’t hear a symphony
All I hear is the beating of wings
What I’m trying to say is you’re my only.

We’re happy together now.
Feeling you close to me baby.
Happy till the end of time.
We’re happy together now.
Feeling you close to me baby.
Happy till the end of time.
We’re happy together.. happy together NOW.




Wherefore is light given to him that is in misery, and life unto the bitter in soul?
Job, 3. 20

I am the kind of person that likes to be alone. The sounds of nature outside and the sounds of the house inside bring familiar ways to the reality of life. All seems good. Only when people get involved in my living equation do I get the feeling of being lonely. Those past and preset friends and family I sometimes am lonely for, do show their faces in my heart. I had my first Art show. I was lonely for support. With loneliness comes disillusionment.

I have an image by William Blake. It is a small image in a pretty golden frame. The image is of Job. Above Job are four beautiful angels with their hands and wings ascending upwards. With Job is the adversary and below him is a cave of desperate people. They are all looking up.

We have just finished remodeling our kitchen. I put this image in the new kitchen. I am waiting to properly hang it there. This morning I am amazed to see a ray of light from the morning sun shining on this image. Job is illuminated as well as the Angels above him. The light is perfectly aligned with this part of the image.

When ever I am truly lonely I have images/ paintings around my home that inspire me to look inward: penetrating an image until it starts to speak to me and so enlivens my sometimes lonely soul. I can not think of a character more lonely than Job and like Job sometimes we just have to endure our loneliness for a while.

I would be a fool to say there is one time. so far in my life, where I have been the most lonely. Loneliness is a common feeling we all share…which I do not wish on anyone.

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is – infinite ~ William Blake

Now is the season of the peach blossoms


Stencil watercolor by Hudley

Walking into the darkened tomb of betrayals and the unforgiven. Sweeping the dust around of promises from yesterdays hopes; she looks out an ancient window and sees a vast wasteland. A sudden light arches by that is pink and vibrating with warmth and rhythm. A stage, a balance machine and a strange God comes forth out of peach blossoms of light. Family, friends and enemies march by as their hearts are weighed.

Falling back she is alone again and as the tomb transforms into another place something is downloaded into her body… in a knowing way,

” See this three-dimensional brain from every perspective.  Thinking, perceiving and judging; within the mind is vast knowledge. The tomb that houses this great brain is humbled, but greater still is the thing that pushed the blood and gives one aspirations of life and love. Vastly superior when known and awoken. Hail to the heart!”


Spell 30

For not letting N’s Heart create opposition against him in the realm of the dead

image  O my heart which I had from my mother, O my heart which I had upon earth, do not rise up against me as a witness in the presence of the Lord of Things; do not speak against me concerning what I have done, do not bring up anything against me in the presence of the Great God, Lord of the West.

image  Hail to you, my heart! Hail to you, my heart! Hail to you my entails! Hail to you, you gods who are at the head of those who wear the sidekick, who lean on their staffs! May you say what is good to Re, may you make me to flourish, may powers be bestowed when I go forth, having been interred amount the great ones who long endure upon earth.
Not dying in the west, but becoming a spirit in it.
~ Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead

All About a song IV: All together now!!

Pearl 001

Pearl By Hudley

There is a fresh graffiti / slang near the front of my home. I posted an image of it on Facebook. I just wanted to see the reaction that I would get when I asked others how they read it. This graffiti / slang takes me back to the 1970s. When the graffiti was usually lyrics from a song. I had a boyfriend in middle school. He was older and in High School. I remember the excitement  around school when such lyrics showed up on the wall near classes. He broke in the night before and he spray painted the wall with these lyrics,

“Black white green red
Can I take my friend to bed…”

He got my attention and my innocence soon enough. Yet I have not told anyone until today…. that he did it for me. We all need to feel special now and then. This song always makes me smile. Looking back at the 1970s: songs and fires in trash cans rumbled and tuned us kids on!! No hard feelings!!

One song to the next…all about a song!!

Furlong Moll


She spent her time wrapped around wise guys or a big cheese bimbo.This is where she got her forecasts. Playing the races and ditching the dogs is where she was keen on…a real bearcat! Her tic-tack-toes pivoted the dance floor as she kicked her heals up. No panties yet lots of lace; pink, black and off green.


All about a song III

Mike Ness’s voice vibrates in that special part of my heart where youth affirms its hold on my yesterday. From punk on the street to a band of fame and glory. Stinky barf alleys, clubs, radio to free download to my website. Not just me but a handful, a scene, a generation. This song came to me at a time when I am reunited with the punk scene. Those times when time bends to grab you in its circular reflection of friends long gone by. Today this song sings to my heart loudly. The contrary life I am living. I don’t believe in devils yet I do know that psychopaths walk the earth. I don’t believe in angles …yet I have met them. It all comes down to the choices we make. “Easy peasy lemon squeezy!” My red Militaria hat and I bow to this song…


To Eddie Egan on his birthday so near to Valentines day ! All the best to you and your family!! Unless we get dementia… may we always remember our wild dayz!!

A wish under Orion’s belt and the Pleiades…

You don’t have to read this, it is a little on the girly corny side… but I want to put some good vibes out there..

A Valentines day post..

The corporate woman has been defined as the ‘liberated woman’ and I see that as the exact opposite. I think she now is more enslaved, maybe even more than the housewife was; because she’s so out of her power, and imitating male power is not female power. ~ Kenny Loggins

Mantis 3 001

Watercolor by Hudley

I get this unconscious pressure from society to be something. Guilt demons tell me I need to get out and have a real job. I don’t have the friends I use to because most of them are faces on Facebook. I experienced burn out at twenty-nine. Then again after getting my BA and then again I fell flat on my face while trying to get my MA. All the while engaged as a domestic goddess; some call them housewife or domestic engineer! I find it the best place for me. Time and place in relationship to all the possibilities and here I am. I am happy. I don’t think my creativity or smarts need to be exploited in the work force for money. This is the key to my success. I ordained it this way. You can too. I cook, clean, do the taxes…never do oldest son’s physics problems… only if he asks me quantum physics questions: the possibilities of synchronicity and photons in the universe and how this relates to our DNA. Ya I put all my love in a paper cup with one cocky boy years ago. He is a good one too. A real man now. It has not always been smooth sailing either. We both have had our eyes wander… and we have sometimes tried too hard to make each other happy. Too many beers too! Confrontations of course.  I still have goals of having a small publishing company, or going out into the world to read my poetry in front of real people. Maybe even showing my art in a small art gallery can still happen again? If the time and place is right and the wind is moving in the right direction…. that is the way I fly. I hope that my children can find the love I have!! I wish this for everyone. Except all the chess books…my man’s books… I don’t wish those books on anyone, well…maybe my siblings in the South of France !!


Intelligent life forms


Nature & humanity intelligence By Hudley

Somatic Sophia

“I have become so dense, so filled with information and thoughts and expectations, the natural world has a difficult time finding a way in.” ~ Pg 154 The Body and Movement In Analysis ~ Cedrus Monte

While cleaning the garage out I focused on a perfect dandelion outside the house and a perfect circuit board in the garage.. .

The round and broken up circle of a soft white puff is a three dimensions wonder of nature.

The circuit board is a city with large buildings and water towers flowing electricity giving life to a computer.

The similarities and the differences.

Both revealing their existence before my eyes.

I was thinking about the diversity and reasons for a dandelion or a circuit board;

how the two fit in this world,

how humanity fits in the world.

how I am influenced by both.

hands and mind of nature… a mystery,

hands and mind of humanity… still a mystery.

I can unite them in myself with art.

By way of a computer, my mind and hands…

Waiting tree On a full moon in February

ash tree 001

Ash-Tree watercolor ~ Holly D. Cornell

Roy Eldridge tree…
Tree standing tall
The bark revealing…

Symbols as the sun moves
Slowly over the truck
I read the images
With my aching heart
Communicating ..,

Weaving vertical grey, black and white lines
Faces, figures and dancing movement
Textured engraving
towards branches wildly smiling
I take the time to see the lines
Listening to the moving around,

Looking towards the horizontal waves
As We wait together
As Stardust plays on the car radio!

At Last !


Tripod cauldron hearth magic ~ Hudley(

( I know that I , mortal woman, can not alter the God Eros, that would make me a fool…and he controls our hearts! Yet I can appeal to him…)


Musing and amusing
Day dreams of attraction
Has never proven to
find the real-time
Of living satisfaction!

Freedom at last
From constant attraction
Killing what is inside of you
Those false dreams
Of hopeful illusions!

My spell fire
Tripod cauldron glowing
Woven hearts broken
A call to ancient magic
Hearth fire do your deed!

Reflect projections back
To their creator
Pull inward my needy projection
Heart of earthworm earth turned over!

Freedom at last
Eros’s bow limps
Killing what is inside
Only A shadow on the full moon
Soon to wane away!

Killing what is inside
Those false dreams
Of hopeful illusions of you
Those false dreams
Of hopeful illusions no more!!