Looking up
Hummingbird at a distance
Moving as an UFO
Stopping in mid flight
Then zooming out of sight.
Walking home from school
Years of such observations.
Men in cars masturbating
As the pretty girl
Walks by,
Cat fights and lowly streets,
Safety in running feet.
Rolling down green hills
Tumble weeds
Foxtails in socks.
Mostly long normalized being,
Walking breathing
Without a cell phone
Just open eyes, ears
conscience living
Then zooming out of sight
Walking home from school
Years of such observations.

something new

something old

Hot Soul


The fog has a beautiful flavor
It amplifies the smell of the earth
Breathing in the fog
The taste in my mouth
Is distinct
Enfold me into your story, fog?
What whispers ancient feelings
To my enchanted soul
What reminds me
Of bells ringing
Temple doors hidden
Open in this veil
Of crows mocking
Deep cracklings

Damp trees and yellow-red leaves
Shimmering drops of golden water
Flows into this remarkable
Movement of white
As I silently walk through a presence of moistness
Cold nose
Cold face
Hot heart
Burning soul!!

Tomorow is the last day of Ophiuchus

Nov./29 to December/17


Public domain image..

Also known as Asclepias raised by Chiron. He is known as the Serpent Bearer, and the 13th constellation of the zodiac. Beliefs aside, astrologer, astronomer, mystic or atheist; he is a profound healer. Just to look at this symbol is powerful enough. I have the image above on my bedroom wall. I often forget that it is even there.  I pass by this time-frame of the year without a thought of him. Today I did and so he deserves this recognition. A whisper from the world of symbols and possibilities… He takes the venom of the snake to heal the venom of the world. I known we need him around!!

Man Flower stencil

Stencil By Hudley

It is beginning to feel a lot like Xmas

Praying Mantis 1

Mantis and Holly by Hudley

Round purple blossom lost in the rosemary

glare of neighbor from across the street

screaming crow flying overhead

cold early moving…

Fire stirring inside and cats running

car racing by

soft silence and needs met

hummingbirds and bees glowing…

Alarming heater turns on

constant firetruck sounds

chill in the air mixed with warm thoughts

reflecting lights mimicking…


New to an older dame…


The Grinch by Shyane

The last month nothing has changed. Only that I also have another room juxtaposed next to this one; in this home I know as WordPress. One room is for posting and one for a new business. This is my Go-Daddy WordPress.org joint. I may have found out that I am riding more of a cutting edge, to what is happening now, in the online digital eBooks world. The variety is amazing. Underground to more expensive editing etc. What I have found out in the past year is that this in my WordPress home; an open door is available to a global community. English is a global language. Or maybe it is a shame that I don’t write and read more languages.

Reaching a global collective readership is amazing to me. Everyday  one read from Mexico, Australia and Brazil amuses me. Even though my creativity is taken a fall off, due to seasonal depression,  my readership is delightfully consistent, Now this is new to me.

Thanks to the global WordPress community….


Elven are near

The weather reminds me
Of the land of the Elven
Circling round
As holding hands feet pointed out
Image of parachuted jumpers
Falling to the earth!
The Elven dance with the wind
Not pulled by gravity
But bound by their own desires.
Girls of the cosmos
Dance holding my hand.
Girls of the universe
Without a sound
Soft smiles and needy
as the desire of attention
From a falling star
To be loved!
And I do!
Protect me with your
Green golden arbor
Not pulled by gravity
But bound by their own desires.
Girls of the cosmos.
Sound of mist
Clouds and rain
the land of the Elven

the sound

the touch of the Elven is here.




The Seminary Of Praying Mantis Publishing

A little Praying Mantis news…

Praying Mantis Mandalahttp://seminaryofprayingmantispublishing.com/

The Mantis will sit in an attitude of extreme reverence and contemplation, his head turned sometimes slightly on side as if he were waiting…for the wind to come from far beyond the mountains on the other side of the desert to bring him a story of life before and beyond the moment. …~ Pg. 22.

The Creative Pattern In Primitive Africa by Laurens van der Post


snake man

A winning streak is not always based on if I post every day on WordPress. Some of the most thrilling and in depth oriented posts of mine are overlooked for the quick pro quo posts. To me it is a tilling and planting the soul. The bell curve response to my posts are strange and bewildering and sometimes very rewarding. I have come to the conclusion that it is the quality of the post that is more important to me. Not so with my readers. So I can post once or twice a day and get a few to no resonances. It  is a winning streak when readers go looking for posts I’ve written months or years ago. This tells me they are interested. I am not just screaming in the darkness. Yet over all it is about how my writing collectively touches in on the intuitive soul of others… that all this writing somehow matters and that like a good rain something interesting is growing in the process.


A desperate Woman… Sherlock Holmes !!

220px-Strand_pagetIn Middle School, which we called Jr. High School in the 1970s, there was a teacher. The lights came on when I was in Jr. High School. Peer pressure was as two giant wedges clamping in on me. This teacher woke me up from the dreadful shadow world of bell bottoms and grunge looking guys. The crush I had on Mark Baily was overwhelming and he had the original grunge look down. Yet in all of this chaos, hormones, the smell of hate-and peer pressure… this mighty teacher woke me up

“Excellent! I cried. “Elementary.” Said He.

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (1893)
Watson and Holmes in “The Crooked Man” (Doubleday p. 412)

In an English course as an elective by mistake Teacher had us read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I experienced feelings more powerful than crushes on boys and the hate of peer pressure. It all fell by the side. The wit and intelligence of a detective moved me. My only regret is not taking it on as a profession myself. Also never thanking her, the teacher that turned on the light; if only for a few months.

Thank you my dear lady !!




10 year Anniversary issue of Flipside Fanzine Table of Contents !

10 year Anniversary issue of Flipside Fanzine Table of Contents !.