Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross. To see a fine lady upon a white horse, With rings on her fingers, And bells on her toes. She shall have music, Wherever she goes. ~ Nursery rhyme

Watching “That ’70s Show” with the teenage son last night took me back when I was actually a teenager at that time. Some of the show is superficially realistic. There were the pot smoking circles of deep reflection…ha ha. The same record (vinyl) playing over and over again. Sex was a big deal as well as a girlfriend or boyfriend. The same old thing…my kids have a different experience.
It got me thinking about the time when my dad was asked over to my boyfriend’s house. I was 15 and went missing. I was gone for two days and no one knew where I was. Even my brother Greg looked out over the valley concerned that I was adulated.
Mike’s dad said to my dad, “So your daughter and my son are having relations.”
My dad gave a strange look, “You mean they are copulating?”
Of course Mike’s dad laughed and said “Something like that…”
Mike and I were in the room and I was a bit scared. They had found us hiding in the attic above Mike’s parent’s house. Mike had a nice little set up, like a ’70s van with food, beer and pot. We had two days of copulating and I even read a book. Well that was the real version of the “That ’70s Show!”
This takes me to the word my dad used, copulating. Tonight Venus will merge with Jupiter in the night sky. It will not be a Venus Observa!

“Technical term for the male-superior sexual position, which Adam tried and failed to impose on Lilith, and which the Catholic church designated the only legal position for marital intercourse, since it afforded the least pleasure to the wife. Patriarchal societies generally opposed such female-superior sexual postilions as those favored by the worshiper of Shiva and Hecate, and by medieval witches who, as the nursery rhyme says, rode on top of their “cock-horses.” ~ Pg. 1044 Barbara G. Walker*

Tonight Venus is doing her magic. Lilith will be proud and a few happy men!! As Jupiter and Venus merge tonight guess who will be on top??

jup* The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets

Venus Image

An image is manifesting in my life. The flower image of  Venus. The image or pattern that the planet Venus makes while traveling around the earth. It have been studied for years and is close to one of our oldest images to be acknowledged throughout the ages of humanity and the planets.


Simple things. Images recurring, a hair pin found on the ground under the night sky, and image in a dream with a circle drawn around the same flowering pentagram image. Then comes the Moon, Jupiter and even some Saturn.


Hair Pin

I can focus personally on this image or collectively and it makes for something profoundly affirming to me and for others, I am sure of this.

Book Reading of The Day Randomly, Every Sunday !!

Random Book Day By Hudley

Random Book Day By Hudley

Sunday hot Sunday is here. Too hot to handle and no fun at all so Mantis looked over to the nearest book on the nearest shelf. One that holds a few Rock & Roll numbers if only indirectly. A Gofuckyerself Press paperback book called MOSQUITOES & WHISKY by Chris Walter  tumbled into the green claws. <Made In Canada> ;P

“More wine glasses!” shouted a waiter. He was very upset with the way I wasn’t doing things. Why didn’t he cut me some slack?

I shoved a large rack of wineglasses into the hungry maw of the industrial dishwasher. “Two minutes!” I hollered over the horrific din of the kitchen.

“We need more serving platters, too!” yelled the waiter. Perhaps he thought I was a magician. Without waiting for the glasses, he spun on one heel and stormed back out to the dining room. Another guy who needed some café a la urine. Pg. 123


Read the Trilogy:

Mosquitoes & Whisky

I Was a Punk Before You Were a Punk

I’m On the Guest List




I now run to the cave
Of Hecate…
Watching the rape
And then the continuity
Of life… Again!
As the sun burns down
I run to the crabs
Hiding in the cool rocks
The Nadir…
Waiting for release
Oh please…
thunder, rain or cold winds
Of dark ecstasy …
Break this unknown gloom
Pain of the relentless sun !!
Bless my brooding shadow!
A slice of coffee,
A cup of pecan pie..,

Summer chick flicks: Richard Gere!!

A depth in character that slaps the face of my unconscious. I like it that way. ~ Hudley

My three favorite Richard Gere films are American Gigolo, Mothman Prophecies and Unfaithful.

It is not just his good looks or notorious backlash of gossip that follows the real man.  As a alumnae of Los Angeles Valley College, he projects what it is to be a man in our modern age; so ruthlessly and graciously. As the young buck ready to fuck, to the reporter caught up in a mystery of life, to the man betrayed by his wife; he is a portrayal of the modern man. I am sick of super heroes… which is why I have moved back towards watching  film Noir!! The men, like Richard Gere’s characters, are paradoxical, graceful if not down right ugly/ beautiful. They walk between light and shadow and are motivated by hate/love!

Alonzo D. Emmerich: Oh, there’s nothing so different about them. After all, crime is only… a left-handed form of human endeavor.

The Most Interesting Woman Alive…

Most interesting woman 2 copy

Random Pick day is Sunday ….on the 1st day of summer.

Random Book Day By Hudley

Random Book Day By Hudley

Another Sunday for shy and ruthless Miss. Mantis. In the cave of cool air after eating, cleaning and exercising… a bit… time to reach out with that sharp stretch for something sparkling, insightful and unknown… well here goes. Eyes closed, reach and open book to…

Form Marianne Willamson, A Woman’s Worth is the book dustily chosen from the bookshelf. Sneeze and wonder and so here is the quote,

“And when a woman remembers her glory, a man of goodwill can barely contain joy. His real self arises in the presence of her own. I’m telling you, it works, this thing, this looking within to attract what is without. Make room for love, and it always comes. Make a nest for love, and it always settles. Make a home for the beloved, and he [she] will find his {her} way there.”  ~End of Chapter Embracing the Goddess PG. 75

Annex - Grahame, Gloria_NRFPT_02

Gloria Grahame

Wheat And Moon


Vincent Van Gogh ` Wheat and Moon

I am amazed how ancient cultures and Gods, and especially Goddesses are connected to the earth and sky, the harvest of grains, or caves and trees, forests and fog! Myths, stories and ancient rituals are now magnified on programs like Ancient Aliens, Monsters in America and A Haunting ! We have become so disassociated with magic and lore, that were once very much a part of our ancient ancestors, it is now exploited as strange, weird or crazy.  Yet paradoxically these supernatural legends, myths and the strange earth are all part of us! It is good, natural and part of us all!

As the math equations that morph into divine intelligence, or as electricity is  powered by communicating aliens or the dead! Dreams can move through us and our new Gods of computers and hand help devices! Masses of gamers across the country… or around the world… merging with strange battles from the earth, chemicals and unknown alchemists. Technological caves and dust mites are our human wheat field. I just don’t know?

I am jealous how close ancient people were to the earth, sky and grain of the earth. A simple strand of wheat, like gold, holding a ritual of initiation! Something our current world knows very little about! Yet the image is held frozen as an image or seed unbroken by wisdom!

” …The moon in this case is not a primum movems ; she suffers just like man or plant. It is rather a question of some occurrence in our cosmos which mythology expresses equally in the symbol of the moon, the woman, and the grain. In so doing it speaks of the one under the image of the other. for this it is particularly fond of the Kore figure.” –

PG. 130 , Kore essays On A Science Of Mythology C. J. Jung and C. Kerenyi


All about a song…a continuity …one song to-the next..


Like a new born baby it just happens ev’ry day ~ Rolling Stones

One song to the next is still a motivation in my life. Synchronizing past, present and future dreams. Joan asked me today If I was at the mount of Delhi what question would I ask of her the Pythias. My mind went blank or black.

I heard Paint It Black by the Avengers years ago live in a club to the frequency of bouncing youths. A tight crowd of underground nobodies who were wild and unassuming. The Avengers were fun, intense and no lines drawn between bands and fans. The first time I saw this band play this song Spaz Attack was vibrating on the ground and I was drooling beer while watching him, because my belly was about to pop.  It was all new..kinda like black…unknown and exciting.

That is this song to me…

“…but nothing impossible, that we meet here: the revelation of something that is dark in comparison with an idea, but ideal in comparison with blind feeling- the revelation of something still unopened, like a bud…” – Kore PG. 105. Essays On a Science of Mythology, C. g. Jung and C. Kerenyi


A doodling Mr. Fuck Bliss out…summer time ….

fuck summer