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Mr Fuck and I are having a deep kind of day. Reflecting, farting and all. He asked me about a particular comic that we did a while back. We starting to giggle and so today Tuesday the 17th of November… all care aside we thought it might be better then stepping on dog shirt…

Mr Fuck and Old Punkers by Hudley Flipside 001

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Comrades that whisper from the dead. Tall Drinks!!


Holly ready to send her laser… by Shyane


Part one:
Reading a few introductory books before entering The Red Book by CG Jung is a wise thing for me to do. Current historians and psychologists with a depth psychology twist are a nice tall drink. Understanding that Jung had a hard time deciding, in his life, whether to publish the book or not makes me feel as if I am violating his soul in reading it at all….after his death too. Whispering in my ear my entire quasi adult life makes me feel differently about this. Reading these pre books I am affirmed in my conclusion. That he wrote the book for others as well as for himself. Jung even encouraged his patients and friends to make a Red Book of their own. Comrades that whisper from the dead. Alchemy personified…but why me, why know and why share? This is a personal insight form a lay person that just happens to have a soul like everyone else… even those with PHDs! As an artist, with insight, I can try to write! This complements this journey before I enter his world…personal yes but collectively through our mutual histories; past, present and future dreams. I wonder if the computer and blogging were around, in Jung’s time, if he too would use it freely to creatively express himself. I think he would have loved to. How brave we have become in sharing who we are!!
Just as I know there is evil in the world I know there is also goodness. I have witnesses both, experienced both and been both-and I will continue- yet one thing I have not altered is my innocence. Maybe this is the reason for suffering and sorrow. I think I need to blend a little of the two, evil and goodness, within my cauldron. Stirring it and truly becoming a real adult in the real world. Speaking symbols and watering my essence of insight. You can take it or leave it.

“The Sun its shadow complete the work.” ~ Michael Maier Atlanta Fugiens-279 Book Jungian Psychoanalysis.

When posting on Facebook or WordPress I find that the best responses received by others are the authentic ones I post. All the news, politics and other things just don’t get the same input. Ok maybe the punk rock stuff gives me an edged kick but I was very innocent and rebelliously aesthetic back in the 1980s!! It is uncomfortable for me to share who I am now, yet when I post my mug, something I created, or some personal insight; I usually get a satisfactory response. Even if it is quick and intuitively posted?? I think we are all looking for authenticity in our lives. Communication!!

As Jim Morrison from the Doors said, “Something Sacred.”

When we see it in another we feel it, we know it. This is the best of human communications. Though it may be rough, vague and juicy… it is what we need. We may even crave it. Collectively and/or as an individual. The mind, heart and soul is part of this equation. It is art, magic and touches those hidden places in us. It can fall into the formation of math and logic. As effervescent sparks of knowledge. It moves through pain and pleasure as emotional release. It jumps and dances with “look at me” and “I see you.” It is normal, natural but hidden sometimes within the shadow of our sun. We have to go looking for it. It is when we share our authentic self or our aesthetic self… we all respond to it.

Tall Drinks

Pre books: Lament of The Dead Psychology after Jung’s Red Book ~ James Hillman & Sonu Shamdasani,/ The Red Book Liber Novus A readers Edition CG Jung Edited with an Introduction by Sonu Shamdasani./ The Seven Sermons to the Dead.

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My Hands Only

After 50 I feel you spend the rest of your life grieving! All those you’ve lost, betrayal and fuck-ups? Ya better know how to ride the wave ’cause it’s not going to go away if ya ignore it!!


ting were prehistoric and ancient chinese cauldrons standing upon legs. tripod

The key I wish for is for the door that awaits me…what awaits me is my own art loft. In it is a remarkable place of supplies. Tables of wood and windows that slant where the sun comes in just right. Or the moon at night as I listen on the stereo with giant speakers. Paper, pencils and stencil paper. Small printing press and paper-cutter. Clamps, needles and string. Water colors galore. Dark room and computers. All near the sound of a stream and the brush of a small town. Everything in order even if this means disorder….where everything can stay untouched…… my hands, my key…..!!!

Muses are you listening ?


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“Life is too short…” I’ll find myself some wings!”


Mantis Pledge

“However the psychology of the individual corresponded to the psychology of the nation, and only the transformation of the attitude of the individual could bring about cultural renewal”  ~ Jung

Getting older makes time faster. Cars seem to race around the neighborhood faster. Red fire trucks, and alarms ringing, race faster. Around and around as I look at my youth trying to look outwards away, instead! To new things as centripetal force pulls me into the middle. Reflect, reflect and reflect painfully. Sucked into the layers of faces, words and feelings.

Wings extend out in moments of inspiration. Doing art is sharing; is support. I fly. I read that it is not until you show your art that it is complete. A finished piece of art has to be viewed.

No time for the past and youthful dreams. Now the future moves faster and inspiration to share parallels this reality. In my world, in my neighborhood, in my city, state, nation, and earth… the cosmos even!!

I fly with inspiration.

Yet contrary to this is the middle….Slow down perching as wings begin to fold inward. Time to view feelings and think quality of time with each heartbeat.



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scene photo punk

Punk The Capital documentary sent photo ! A little on the rough side but the sentimentality goes along with it! Got it in the mail today!

Alex Mac Kaye, Untouchables 1979 Madams Organ – Paul Bishow

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Remarkable tasty character or horned nasty taste buds.


“Sultan: Have you any famous last words?
Baron Munchausen: Not yet.
Sultan: Not yet? Is that famous?”
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen – 1988

If failure and success each have a flavor It would depend on the type of success and the type of failure. So many spices can be mixed together to develop a super successful and tasteful life. The taste of success and failure develops good character. The success as “in the world” tastes sweet, aromatic and uplifts the palate. This type of success can lead to savory but often lacks the depth of this type of flavor that builds good remarkable tasty character. Savory and deep flavor comes with the walking through failure.

Baking, broiling or boiling comes to mind. Then there is the long nights of enduring the smoke of a dark hellish BBQ. During these types of cooking-failures one forgets and often enters the underworld. One is lost in the labyrinth of horned nasty taste buds.  Called back only to living a good life-by smelling the aroma of green herbs and colorful spices and tasting the aftermath of a cooking transformation of flavors. The success of this is the awakening of the multideminational flavored spicy soul. This is savory of the highest degree which melts on your tongue like the flavor of ecstasy. Having a good appetite for life, while living through the success and failure of life, is the soul of a savory life.

Also watching my friends who have such savory characters is a way to understand these highest degrees of lives flavors. The last few nights I have dreamed of such characters. A timeless place of my friends. I spend time with them. I greet them and hug them. I have arguments with them. Friendship is a type of spice in life that builds success in life. Here the unknowable spice of the soul finds a mixture that fills the taste buds with deep satisfaction!

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“unreal reality”

Astrological Reading for October…via a Few quotes of “Abraxas”

Pluto  is beyond any ego that does reamrkable things and not so good things...

Pluto is beyond any ego that does reamrkable things and not so good things…

“This is a god whom ye knew not, for mankind forgot it. We name it by its name Abraxas. It is more indefinite still than god and devil.”

“…we name god Helios or Sun…”

A cosmology of within and the cosmology without move contradictory to each other and to you. Slowly move with the first full moon of October and then skip happily along with the new moon. The focus is to remember to breathe as the underworld and the heavens meet. Betrayal from family may not go away, but you can push it away with the stretch of Lilith as she moves with you as pounding waves on the shore of life. Hit the ball into the court. It is up to them to hit it back. They may not.
“…Abraxas standeth above the sun and above the devil. It is improbable probability, unreal reality. Has the Pleroma a being, Abraxas would be its manifestation…”
All the planets focus in on change while staying the same.
Eros and Psyche are swimming around the earth ascending and descending the whispers of love and creativity this month.
“… it is the brightest light of day and the darkest night of madness…”
The dead whisper secrets and wisdom from the past. Cultures, history and music define who you are. Listen and reflect this month deeply. As well …go out and have a pint or two only. Transforming the grip of heaviness to joyousness. Don’t forget to spill some of the beer on the earth as homage for the sexuality of Phallus and the spirituality of Her who fertilizes our souls. All which is beyond us all!!
“…Spirituality and sexuality are not your qualities, not things which ye possess and contain. But they possess and contain you…”

All quotes taken from The Seven Sermons to the Dead by Carl Gustav Jung

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The Adventures of Sony and Raubie Part Three

The Adventures of Sony and Raubie Part Three.

Happy Halloween !! One of my favorite Halloween stories.

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“Laughing through your fingers…”



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Gary Tovar Interivew 1980s

Pounding my skull with more bands from the past and all the nostalgia… I wonder if it will go on forever… maybe so. Gary has a history that is to be respected. He is one of them iconoclasts!!

Gary and I have had our confrontations but he always knew, and knows, that I love the bands like he does. He really loves music. While looking through an old issue of Flipside Fanzine number 42 with Argent Orange on the cover, I found an interview with Gary. It is from back in the day when punk rock was tight, unknown, growing and fun as hell. I never had as much fun as back stage at a GOLDENVOICE show. I was an innocent babe too. Rolling away from the punches of big man henry rollins or meeting new fans with their new fanzines; who had better ideas then he ever had!!

I think some of us old punks tend to forget how symbiotic the scene was then. We all worked together and supported and grew a scene together. We should try to be content with the imperfections of the past, and remember the experiences more. It was fun being young, wild and out of control. Yes some of us documented it. We were not as dumb as you may think!! I guess I will still keep squeezing them out until I kick the bucket as well!! So there!!

I will never forget the TODD RUNDGREN show… when we danced and sang each song togther… punks, skins and new wavers !

gary 1 001

Flipside Fanzine Number 42 1980s punk Rock Scene


Page two of Gary Tovar Interview. FS 42

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