whatever you say dildo..


Disco’s Out…Murder’s IN !

As part of the imagined punk rock “Intelligentsia” I must say this book smells so badly of male embellished testosterone that I want to throw it in the trash. I can’t believe that Ed Colver and Alison Braun (who I love and respect as punk comrades) participated in the fabrication of this book. Where is the punk rock integrity I use to believe in?? Whatever you say dildo!!   It is really sad that Feral House could put out trash like this.

I typed up 10 years of letters from punk rock fans and never read or heard about the information so stupidly put in this book. It is total fiction. I went to lots of shows and visited many a slam pit… and if what they said is true, as in this book, there would have been a lot more bloody carnage!! This book is an embarrassment to the Punk Rock Scene.

Shame on you Feral House.!!

If it is outrageous it will sell and make you some money. People don’t really want to hear the truth they want it all bullshited up. Well you can have it…. my copy is in the trash waiting for the worms.


Prompt a long…the perk of acknowledge is a nice high now and then.

Punk Museum with Martin Atikins. This evening was NOT on Valentines Day More stats 1
City Baby from Highgate to Hawaii, Life and GBH by Ross Lomas More stats 1
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555, Something like a Fairy Tale

I haven’t done a prompt for a while so I though it might be fun to do one today.

Stats on WordPress are fun to have. As you may know it alerts the writer to who is reading what and how often. I like this and I enjoy the continuity of some of my posts that seem to get the most viewing. My Punk Rock, films and sometimes “strange things” postings get the most viewing. I love to know that my readership is a global one. Yet mostly from the USA and England.


It still holds me a little back when I think that Punk Rock is so attractive to readers, NOW. During the 1980’s it was a hard-sell. It was a long time ago when I was that wild girl working on an underground ‘zine… but it seems books, documentaries, universities and readers want to know about that time and place. All those punk rock nooks and crannies over and over again.

Praing Mantis Valentime

I did not have their support 30 years ago. Now my posts and stories are not so punk rock or strange. I would like support for my new posts, art and poetry. I feel like I’m  back in the 1980’s when no one was interested unless it was free promoting, a free review or acquiring free information from us. This is getting kinda old for me.

A Quid Pro Quo is not what I’m looking for  now but something more integral!

001 - Copy

 I will keep doing what I want, SNAFU or DIY….. that is how I live. It is a hell of a lot easier to publish now but getting support has never been easy. That takes a lot of time, hard work and money.

Do you give people what they want more of? Or do you keep doing what you believe in and what inspires YOU? Easy question for me to answer. Yet the “perk of acknowledge” is always a nice high now and then.


“perk of acknowledge” like “5 buck” is OK by me… a pack of Condoms or cigarettes…



Denizens and Destination Changed

Before the X-Files and Ancient Aliens theorists there were Jacques Vallee and Whitley Strieber.

If you notice, these two characters are not mentioned these days. I even forget about their books on my bookshelves. What I like best about Vallee is his respect for oral tradition. As a scientist, an astrophysicist, he is a very special one.

th (15)

It ought to be remembered that the oral transmission of history and genealogy, with the most careful attention to language and details, was a perfect science among the Gaelic-speaking people. Pg. 100 DIMENSIONS/The Alien Chronicles.

UFOs are not a strange phenomenon in the scheme of things. The Elves, Aliens and hairy militant dwarfs have been with us forever.

The UFO occupants, like the elves of old, are not extraterrestrials. They are the denizens of another reality. Pg. 109 DIMENSIONS.

th (16)

Jacques Vallee

So you may wonder what this is all about. I had a UFO experience. I lost time and had my destination changed within a moments time. Vallee says that we need to share our experiences with others. We all need to share in this other dimensional reality. We don’t need government or the media to solve this mystery for us. Going back and reading my Jacques Vallee books is so darn comforting. A real friend !!

My Dream Is Real

Today The Seminary of Praying Mantis has just published the first book (chapbook) of poetry.

A great accomplishment for me today. My first published book of poetry. DIY of highest degree with all the respect due to the many others who share their passion. It is just a hell of a happy day… just one step… of making my dreams come true.



Dreams awake now !! Five Years

th (12)

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

~George Bernard Shaw

I’ve been blogging on my WordPress site for five years. It is something that brings me great joy and amusement to communicate with a global community. I find this fascinating.


A young Hud… 1978

Thanks goes to my WordPress community and others that “come on by ”  to read it or just look at the pictures. A big Thank you to all my followers.

“Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of void, but out of chaos.”

~ Mary Shelley

I have goals; to come out with a small  book of poetry and a surprising turn on my punk memoir The Seminary Of Praying Mantis My Punkalullaby as chapters of poetic verse. Also to convert our bomb-shelter into a home publishing studio. For art and writing… dreams awake now !!

“Everybody has a story to tell.”

~Joe Strummer





I Still Believe


My generation still has a passion to tell damn good stories… and I am still listening to them.

Yes, the X-Files aired tonight. I was very excited. I found it hard to focus into the new one. So many elements and subtle changes.

It was the early 1990s and I had a baby in my arms when the X-files first arrived.

We were living in a little rented home cottage in Santa Cruz California. I started to watch TV after we received a small TV as a gift from a family member.

“Believe me when you have a long night and when you are nursing the baby, a TV can be very enjoyable.”

After a few years without one I gave into a TV.  I have always been into the subject of the X-Files and all the interesting mysteries of life. I was ready to join their world. It was the right place and time. I have been a true fan of Chris Carter’s mythology of mysteries, conspiracies, and U.F.O.s ever since.

Not to ignore the ghost, monsters and the unimaginable.

As the ‘90s moved on I looked forward to Friday nights watching Unsolved Mysteries and the X-Files and then on to Millennium. Frank Black was the most interesting of FBI Agents.

So much has changed… cell phones, the Web, and my generation… we have gotten older yet there is nothing like a good story.

I still sit down to read a Fairy tale.

I just read one to my family this morning called, The Two Golden Boys, a Grimm’s Fairy tale.

I also still like sitting down to the  X-Files… I mean isn’t life one big conspiracy theory or remarkable Fairy Tale… “happily ever after until death!”

 1 Rie.Cramer.GrimmsFairyTales.1927.Cover.AofN.



a synchronicity… bee and rose

Rose and Bee

Terrorist Pie

I was watching cupcake wars on the food network channel. I don’t usually do this. It was lunch time and we were just sitting back and having some fun time. OH my them cupcakes looked mighty yummy. I have been so good and have been watching my diet. “Cookie, cakes and pies” are not allowed in this house very often.

Except for today. We even went to a different “good bakery” at Pavilions. Found a custard blueberry pie. About an hour ago I sat down with some dandelion tea with honey and a piece of pie. I took two bites. How delicate it was. Mostly custard and whip cream with blueberries on top. I was thinking,

“The blueberries are so perfectly sweet and ripe.”

Then something tears at my tongue. I thought maybe it was a little piece of the blueberry stem that sometimes is hard to clean from the berry. I tangled my tongue around it and pulled it out. I almost swallowed a piece of very sharp plastic. The piece of hard plastic was about 2 by 4 inches with a jagged edge formed as a zig-zag. It was in extreme contrast to the delicious soft creamy pie.

I was shocked and so glad that one of my kids didn’t have a piece before I did. If they or I had swallowed this, it would have done some real damage. Very scary thought.

I went back to Pavilions and filled out a “customer report of incident.” I got a refund and now have lost my desire for “cookie, cakes and pies!”

All I can taste is the sharp plastic and my sore tongue… yuck. Glad my tongue works so well. I am so glad that I am here instead of in the hospital. Shit that was a terrorist pie attack…be careful beware…!!



Bronze coin naming Pythagoras, and showing him placing a wand against a celestial globe, were issued on the island of Samos during the 2nd and 3rd centuries A.D.

Found a good book that I have been looking for, a book that balances out my oldest son’s intense math and youngest son’s second semester of geometry. PYTHAGORAS, His Life and Teachings by Thomas Stanley. The Preface is by the esoteric genius Manly P. Hall.


I was looking up images of PYTHAGORAS on-line when the book came to my attention.  I almost gave up looking for it. Written by Thomas Stanley who lived in the 16th century. An intelligent and privileged individual; that this book survived into the 21 century is a mystery, considering the vast rogue wave of change that the world went through at that time.

On Amazon for a few bucks a wonder can be found. As the Pleiades in the night sky, one never knows where true beauties are hiding, yet at the right time and place; just the right time and place , it appears.


The Ceramicus in Athens, Greece, there stands a monument popularly believed to be the Tomb of Pythagoras. A white limestone shaft is supported by a platform of four receding squares. The monument has been the subject of considerable speculation by those concerned with Pythagorean symbolism.

Kerameikos / Ceramicus

@ The cemetery was also where the Ηiera Hodos ( http://madeinatlantis.com/athens/sacred_way.htm )(the Sacred Way, i.e. the road to Eleusis) began, along which the procession moved for the Eleusinian Mysteries. The quarter was located there because of the abundance of clay mud carried over by the Eridanos River.



A full circle

Life is a type of cosmic mockery. The creative impulse seems unique and fresh but often is another mockery of sorts. Walking around the mall yesterday with youngest son I see fashion has now taken that mockery place for me. A full circle of fashion that copies my youthful generation. What we purchased at thrift stores; straight legs and big shirts and boots; or fancy dresses my mother’s youthful generation dazzled her generation with of wrap-sequenced dresses low in the front with a nice jeweled brooch.

My cats and I are mightily routine orientated. My Monday morning shopping is to avoid the crowds. I’m amused often at the magazines at the checkout counter. Today my heart raced a little faster. Not due to the young men on the cover; I prefer the older and wiser, but the overall layout of the design. I have seen that somewhere before too.

Love Canal

1984 to 2016….about 32 years…LOL

Was it in the mid 1980’s when I was at my prime that I original orchestrated a hand full of punk musicians to pose partially naked for the cover of Flipside Fanzine 43? I try to put it behind me but life is a type of cosmic mockery. Hilariously and repetitiously…