Lost Star By Walter Cruttenden


Lost Star Of Myth and Time


Folklore, science, mythology, art, religion, archaeology, mathematics…it goes on and on in a our cyclical history. Starting with a Golden Age to the Dark Ages and to the present ascending age. This book holds a powerhouse of information and research with a holding theory that we live in a binary solar system. Yes incredulous and far-reaching as it sounds it is a book that needs to be read. Part of my ongoing search for the meaning of life !!

Days of Wine and Roses

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Myths, stories and red, green brilliant stars like Sirius… are powerful suggestions.

It takes awhile for some powerful suggestions to take root. Some can be floating around your being for years. Just waiting for “righteous anger” to push it out. One seedy quote that comes to my mind at this time is,

“We have neither friends nor enemies only teachers.”

It is jabbing to realize this for oneself. My friends and enemies are my teachers. It is amplified when you realize that you are indirectly a “teacher” to someone else. Empathizing with others is the teacher that combs through my hair and burns at my heart. Drawing the line and standing tall is not a popular motivation in our iron social forms.

We set forth, winningly and unknowingly, invisible ideas to friends & enemies. These are the many powerful suggestions;  time released by way of the human mind, and later activated by metamorphosis… downloading accountability and stinging confrontations with truth.

Myths, stories and red, green brilliant stars like Sirius… are powerful suggestions.


Ya….what’s up Doc…?

Rockaway Beach by Hudley

Shyane at Rock-away Beach Oregon 2010

All of us are given a certain amount of crap to compost. Get it out of you so that you can mix it into rich soil and create something new. Learn from it, write a poem expressing it, and dance or cry it out of you to heal yourself. Create something better from the crap so that it doesn’t define your life or make you sick.

Northrup, Dr. Christiane (2015-02-24). Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being (Kindle Locations 2117-2119). Hay House, Inc.. Kindle Edition.


Received this today!

An Oral History of Early San Pedro Punk and more! 1977 – 1985

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Yes he did it and here it is in my sweaty hands! Thanks CRAIG IBARRA … Full time at SST Records for nine years!!! Wow!!

Remarkable how the intensity of a scene can  survive and come back with an endearing bite! Feels like it should too!!






Turning 57 this May…

Turning 57 this coming May,

Hud 1979

Picture by Pete Landswick 1980

 I feel we incorporate the themes and patterns of certain generations within our being. I have been through some diverse generations.

The 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and POW into the 21st century. My generation is a rebellious generation too. I often reflect what we have come through in general. The civil rights movement, hippies smoking pot and hitchhiking to name a few of the motivators of our generation. More personal still for me is the 1980s punk rock scene. Mine is the Jones generation. 1954 to 1964.
I remember the feeling and experience of freedom and rebelling ideas in the air. The dysfunctional pain of growing up. How music had its way of expressing this too.

It is as if one song to the next followed me with each breath.

Two of my all-time favorite bands are playing this May. One at the Greek Theater and one at The Roxy. These bands somehow bring together the saying of “as above so below” in a personified blending in me of the 1960s through the 1980s rock world. These two synthesize what is the most important parts of my life and it is contrary to say the least !!

One band is cosmic and one mundane, one is eternal and one band is finite; one is unknown and one band calls me friend. Ironically enough both bands formed in Birmingham England.

I like how they both come from different generations yet both are rebellious and question the status quo… but is it really that strange??

I feel fiery joy, curiosity and flashes of rebellious righteousness…to be able to see both of these bands again on my Birthday month of May is beyond my endurance. Two for Gemini I guess??


Mothers (formerly the Carlton Ballroom) was a club in the Erdington district of Birmingham, West Midlands, during the late 1960s and early 1970s

For Thomas Paine~ ” The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph”


Sky Woman


The bronze Statue of Freedom by Thomas Crawford is the crowning feature of the Dome of the United States Capitol. The bronze statue stands 19 feet 6 inches tall and weighs approximately 15,000 pounds.


Poor oysters


We move,
Among the asphalt and iron,
Car sounds and machinery,
Human oysters in our protective shells!

Lies and betrayals make you this way,

Poor human natures some of us have to endure!!

“That is why Gayatri is said to be the power that can destroy and overcome all sins and sorrows, and the chanting of which helps us overcome adversity, that is Gayatri.”


Jean’s Sour Cream Beans

DSC_0014There was a woman in my mother’s life. A girlfriend to her father. She was mentioned now and then, if only indirectly. This woman had a big influence in my life as well. My maternal grandmother died when my mother was young. Later came Jean who was my grandfather’s long time girlfriend. They never married. I can see that Jean had a good deal of womanly feminine influences on my mother. I know Jean loved yellow roses. One day I went to visit mom and I brought her some yellow roses. Mom said,

“Jean loved Yellow roses…I was just thinking of her today honey!”

It is true,,, mom and I always had an intuitive relationship. Maybe I was not as feminine or a shape dresser like she was; and maybe I preferred not to iron my clothes like my mother did…yet, we always had a intuitively close relationship. Her sense of sight and smell was fantastic, as is mine. Her creative genius is her gift to me, Her family was the focus of her life. She was fair but  somewhat biased towards the men in her life. Mom loved to cook and she ate with two hands… but only sometimes.

Jean’s Sour Cream Beans is a family recipe passed down to my mom via Jean. It was always served on Easter. Those wild days when relatives visited just to get a taste; porker, sports and ham aside.

I often break some family traditions. I am sharing this today because it is so good. We had it yesterday and I am eating the leftovers from yesterday’s Easter dinner right now as I type.

Easter is about sharing the best that one has to share… and this is one of mine.

Jean’s Beans

1/2 butter melted

Mix this together with…

1 pint sour cream

5 heaping tablespoons pure maple syrup

3 heaping teaspoons Colman’s English dry mustard.

1 LB.. dry baby Lima beans. Salt the water beans soak in and soak over night. Then par boil 20 to 30 minutes. Drain beans and mix together with sour cream mixture.

Bake uncovered two hours or until done in a 200 degree oven, stir occasionally during the cooking.

A Wise Art Calling…

Rose and Mantis

Mantis and a rose…by Hudley

While stumbling in the dust particles of the massive art world. I fell over my broom while sweeping the vastness of art callings. The Haggus Society inspired me to toss over a story, some images and a Baubo Protagonist to an interesting woman curator named J Row.  Take a look if you dare. Laugh if you want, but please just sit back dammit… and easily enjoy another perspective on the art of life… extraordinarily.

Jessica Row


Artist Stories


Vagina Project


Facebook Vagina Project


The Haggus Society


tattoo therapy


While at Sam Ash music store, to pick up some sheet music with youngest Son, a worker there said something to me,

“Does that hurt?’

I looked down at my arm and held it as if to see if it did. I then remembered the tattoos there.


“When you got them didn’t they hurt you. On the bone I mean?”

I said no again…”The first two needles felt like a halo came over me. It got hot. I felt anxiety for a few seconds. It did not hurt me.”

Then a weird look came over his face. He was about my age. A thin musician type.

“They say that tattoos are addicting. That the more you get the more you want to get them?”

I am not the addictive type. (only with the band the Saints. Oh know, I typed their name. Now it  looks like I will end this post with another Saint’s song.)

Then he asked me, “You got more?”

“Yes a few here and there!”

“Ya see when my Mom and Dad died it helped me kill the emotional pain. It was a religious experience for me…it was therapy.”

“OK.. nice talking with ya.”

The Sam Ash worker walked away. I proceeded to the sheet music section of the store.