Influence of Pleiades



Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion? (Job xxxviii: 31)

When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy (Job xxxviii: 7)

Let there be light (Genesis i: 3)

Let there be a firmament (Genesis i: 6)

Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear (Genesis i: 9)

And God made two great lights (Genesis 1: 16)

Let the waters bring forth abundantly (Genesis i: 20)

Let the earth bring forth the living creature… cattle, and creeping thing, the beast of the earth (Genesis i: 24).

a layperson’s study of William Blake continues under the Pleiades….

Mr. Kale

Blue Cheese Crumble

Having to eat better is a good thing. Hormones and emotions play nasty games with my blood pressure. My Kaiser doctor tells me I have to sweat more and eat better. I have a great relationship with Mr. Kale now. Cakes, pies and cookies…and pints of beer…I am seeing less of. In fact, if you were to line up chocolate cake or a big piece of wedding cake with mile high rich white frosting together with Kale; I would now walk away with Mr. Kale. It is that good for me. I love the texture and taste.

I’ve created a blue cheese crumble to put over and mingle with the deep savory expectations of my large dark green leaves of organic Kale. Mr. Kale took the indecent proposal well! Now my Venus veins are doing the good green sweating for my happy health.

The Recipe

Any container from the market of crumbled blue cheese.

A bag of sunflower seeds. Any kind will do; salted, roasted or raw.

A colorful handful of shredded cheddar cheese.

Another colorful handful of dehydrated purplish red cranberries.

Mix together in your favorite mixing bowl.

Cut up the kale in bite size pieces.

Put kale into a voluptuous large salad bowl

Put blue cheese crumble on top. Mix intimately.

Eat as is or save in refrigerator with cover for later.

It only gets better with time…

Some Grape seed oil, sweet vinegar, a couple drops of Tabasco and salt & pepper dresses well with this too.

I also like to use I Goddess Dressing; Simple Truth Organic.


Yearning an

Unknown something
Beatnik pondering
Shadowing around my block
Dangle that smoke
I wish I knew this new feeling!?
Whirling around my guts
Possibilities like kite flying
Endless drum solos
Tasting it on my tongue
I wish I knew this new inkling!?
Silently rolling in waiting
Stomach mocks exploding
No traveling will do
Going to have it soon,…
I wish I knew … I wish I knew
This feeling…

                      This inkling!?



th (1)

On a day when it’s too hot outside to play and when my back is aching so, I happened upon a delicious film. A simple true story about a mother looking for her lost son, and a journalist that helps her find him. The journalist acts just like a real annoying son. Many interesting heartfelt ‘twists and turns’ in this film!!

Makes me appreciate my two sons all the more.

Peach Jam Poem

Waffles, bacon, roasted potatoes, corn beef and cabbage…

I am cooking…

Art, images, writing promotion…

It is growing,..

Creative juries rampage…

The peach and berry jam,

did it…

I love this day…

When ya are vibrating all over

don’t ya always reach for your favorite song?

RedBook Poem


William Blake’s Divine Comedy Illustrations 102 Full-Color Plates Dover Publication, INC. Mineola, New York

Oh little woodpecker I hear you. You are swallowed in the world of life and sound. Sweet birds sing but how far do their voices carry?

Cars make noises so loud, my mind turns the sound into the watery vibrations of Niagara falls.

Mars ascending the mid-heaven now, what do you say with your war like allegiance and vengeance?

Knowing  my dreams are currently by way of a nadir where Leo and Jupiter are…content where the anonymous dreamer sings!


All about a song V Goofy Foot !!

It is hard to believe youngest son will be entering High School next August. High School was a crazy and sleepy time for me. I know it will be much better for him. The dumbest thing I ever did then was for an English class. We were studying lyrics. 1974 was a turning point for music. I spent a lot of time listening to my siblings LPs lying around such as Cream,  Donovan, the Seeds, the Beatles and the Beach Boys. I did not have a car yet, and I couldn’t get around much. My friends and I would go to the beach when we could during the summer. I was not a surfer girl but I often dreamed of being one just like Gidget. We watched the reruns! I was two years old when she hit the big screen. My friends and I thought she was cool, independent and got to hang out with some very cute guys. This is why at 16 I fell in love with the Beach Boys; if only their voices.
In class we were required to pick a song and write about the lyrics. We brought the vinyl record to class and it was played before the class on the English/drama sound system. I played “Surfer Girl.” I don’t think many of the students knew the song. It was not played much on the radio at the time. Unless the other students had older siblings like I did. It was a different generational type of song. It seemed like a good idea at the time,

wrong.!!! After the song played several guys mocked a silent, “Score Four” to me with their nasty teenager mouths. It was humiliating.

Now I look back and see a very sweet, vulnerable hearted, young woman. It was ok. I did influence my friends to buy old Beach Boy LPs. In the San Fernando Valley where the Beach Boys became girly hip songs to play at local pot parties of the mid-70s, . It was not as popular as progressive, or underground 70s rock. To us innocent girls it was better and much more romantic!

We were very enthusiastic about The Beach Boys !!

Play this loud so everyone can hear it !!


Even the sound of a pepper tree…can house a mad woman !!!

Yesterday…the only cleaning lady to ever come to a house I have lived in, came to clean the sawdust and dirt off our new kitchen cabinets. Also to finish cleaning up the remodeled kitchen that is a new experience for me as well. My mother lived in the same house for 50 years and never did this? So, indirectly, I’m doing this for mom and myself. It is amazing. Fourteen years in a house, as old as me, gets a face lift. I can compromise. Yet this is not the focus of my story. The focus is on a cleaning lady. She was nice to me. We gave her all the things she needed to clean. This is all part of the contractors agreement of course. As I sat in my computer room the entertainment began. She started having a very loud conversation with someone in Spanish. I am not bilingual. It was not so much her cleaning with one hand as she held her cell phone in the other; because I admire multitasking. It was the loudness. I could hear both sides of the conversation. They started to, badly, sing songs. The birds stopped singing outside. Like a cat that pisses on its territory, this cleaning lady was pissing on ours. I was amused and so I let it happen.
This actually took me back to the day when music was loud. Woofers & Tweeters, Ghetto Blasters and Car Radios screamed like the cleaning lady’s conversation. Now a new generation of earphones & headphones with long earbuds dangle under shirts that are camouflaged. A flip listening to music has happened that this cleaning lady has not learned about …yet. These are the facts, either she is unawares to her actions, does not give a shit about the environment that she is now in, or…. I will leave that up to you…dearest reader. The loud but nice cleaning lady did her work and was off.

play loud… to mom!!

Thought that I would forget you?
Heaven knows that’s not my style.
And that I would let you…
Walk away without at least goodbye.
You shouldn’t let those feelings fool you.
You shouldn’t let those feelings get you down.

We’re happy together now.
Feeling you close to me baby.
Happy till the end of time.
We’re happy together now.
Feeling you close to me baby.
Happy till the end of time.

We’re happy together.. happy together.

Thought that I was a devil?
But I’m an angel waiting for my wings.
And I was out to hurt you?
But I’ve no wish to ever ’cause you pain.
‘Cause there’s enough in this world of sorrow.
I’ve no wish to add some more to it.

We’re happy together now.
Feeling you close to me baby.
Happy till the end of time.
We’re happy together now.
Feeling you close to me baby.
Happy till the end of time.
We’re happy together.. happy together.

I don’t hear a symphony
All I hear is the beating of wings
What I’m trying to say is you’re my only.

We’re happy together now.
Feeling you close to me baby.
Happy till the end of time.
We’re happy together now.
Feeling you close to me baby.
Happy till the end of time.
We’re happy together.. happy together NOW.




Wherefore is light given to him that is in misery, and life unto the bitter in soul?
Job, 3. 20

I am the kind of person that likes to be alone. The sounds of nature outside and the sounds of the house inside bring familiar ways to the reality of life. All seems good. Only when people get involved in my living equation do I get the feeling of being lonely. Those past and preset friends and family I sometimes am lonely for, do show their faces in my heart. I had my first Art show. I was lonely for support. With loneliness comes disillusionment.

I have an image by William Blake. It is a small image in a pretty golden frame. The image is of Job. Above Job are four beautiful angels with their hands and wings ascending upwards. With Job is the adversary and below him is a cave of desperate people. They are all looking up.

We have just finished remodeling our kitchen. I put this image in the new kitchen. I am waiting to properly hang it there. This morning I am amazed to see a ray of light from the morning sun shining on this image. Job is illuminated as well as the Angels above him. The light is perfectly aligned with this part of the image.

When ever I am truly lonely I have images/ paintings around my home that inspire me to look inward: penetrating an image until it starts to speak to me and so enlivens my sometimes lonely soul. I can not think of a character more lonely than Job and like Job sometimes we just have to endure our loneliness for a while.

I would be a fool to say there is one time. so far in my life, where I have been the most lonely. Loneliness is a common feeling we all share…which I do not wish on anyone.

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is – infinite ~ William Blake

Now is the season of the peach blossoms


Stencil watercolor by Hudley

Walking into the darkened tomb of betrayals and the unforgiven. Sweeping the dust around of promises from yesterdays hopes; she looks out an ancient window and sees a vast wasteland. A sudden light arches by that is pink and vibrating with warmth and rhythm. A stage, a balance machine and a strange God comes forth out of peach blossoms of light. Family, friends and enemies march by as their hearts are weighed.

Falling back she is alone again and as the tomb transforms into another place something is downloaded into her body… in a knowing way,

” See this three-dimensional brain from every perspective.  Thinking, perceiving and judging; within the mind is vast knowledge. The tomb that houses this great brain is humbled, but greater still is the thing that pushed the blood and gives one aspirations of life and love. Vastly superior when known and awoken. Hail to the heart!”


Spell 30

For not letting N’s Heart create opposition against him in the realm of the dead

image  O my heart which I had from my mother, O my heart which I had upon earth, do not rise up against me as a witness in the presence of the Lord of Things; do not speak against me concerning what I have done, do not bring up anything against me in the presence of the Great God, Lord of the West.

image  Hail to you, my heart! Hail to you, my heart! Hail to you my entails! Hail to you, you gods who are at the head of those who wear the sidekick, who lean on their staffs! May you say what is good to Re, may you make me to flourish, may powers be bestowed when I go forth, having been interred amount the great ones who long endure upon earth.
Not dying in the west, but becoming a spirit in it.
~ Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead