Random Book Pick day…is our Sun’s day, Jokers talk !!

“Believe it or not, authenticity wins out over popularity in the end.” ~ Unknown


From A collection of symbols found when nature and man-made things merge. Hudley Flipside

“At length, sick with longing for those glittering sunset streets and cryptical hill lanes among ancient tiled roofs, nor able sleeping or waking t0 drive them from his mind, Carter resolved to go with bold entreaty whither no man had gone before, and dare the icy deserts through the dark to where unknown Kadath, veiled in cloud and crowned with unimagined stars, holds secret and nocturnal the onyx castle of the Great Ones.” Pg. 165 Par. 2

~ The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, H.P. Lovecraft

I never imagined bringing H.P. Lovecraft and Elvis Costello together. Maybe it is because they both represent something lost in my life, such as the wild nature of randomness or the trek it took to find something new. Ones creative spark of unknown possibilities ? It was like galloping the hills of unknown mountains, or driving to new clubs to find ground breaking music. Only needing a loose possibility of familiar faces.

Random Book Day By Hudley

A ballad of a common Mantis…


Praying Mantis by Hudley

There may be dense rain ready to fall,

Yet my heart feels free,

The clouds above may be dark,

the water , like salt water,

falls on the black onyx,

Dark Matter

transforming it into lime stone,

breaking away…

reveling diamond

untouchable ….

and invisible to the five senses.


A bottle named Delilah

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Online image of happy and sad face….

A bar in the living room and a bar in his beauty salon. Drinks at the Chinese restaurant on Ventura Blvd. Lights that lit up the bar at Christmas time reflecting off gifts simmering gold, green and tall bottles of colorful liquid. Tall cupboards that he reached for, then pouring that rich golden juice.

Named at a bar from a book while she was in labor. Drives out with beers at the side. Music and laughter, screams and yelling while holding a hand and butter on bread.

Two faces one happy and one sad over their red brick fireplace. He always reached for that bottle…named Delilah. Jazz playing on the radio.

I thought those bars would last forever, I was happily fooled. They are now gone forever only stinging my memory now!!


Sunday Is Random pick and random read day….

Nothing is more sad than the death of an illusion.

~Arthur Koestler

Humid and a belly filled with coffee on a Sunday while kids are playing their games; I find that I am OK!  I look to see that the cats are OK too. Youngest is silent as oldest is screaming at his friends as he games online. An easy Sunday in my cave, then all of a sudden like a flash of lightning from yesterdays storm, my imagined sharp arm reaches through the air pulling me, with eyes-closed, to the books on the brown shelf. I know, I just saw the cult classic Equinox* last night. All about a book and a Demon…Yes a book can change ones perspective about life. Here this reading of some random video promotion… moves us to something musical…

“To the Minutemen, the world was divided between two things-gigs and flyers. Everything was playing shows or getting people to the shows. The rest was not reality.”

~ A History Lesson Part One Synopsis by Dave Travis

This small paragraph can’t be the motif of Punk Rock… but it is…, riding the wave with many guys who were at that place from “one note to the next,” I am glad that this random pick helped me to let go of my grieving process. What I feel for my punk-rock-youthful days, and when life really was only “gigs and flyers!”

Until next Sunday….

Random Book Day By Hudley

Random Book Day By Hudley


*Equinox 1970 Film


My Darling…


I did not want to look too close but Joan shared that I might like the heart image in a current image of Pluto… Towards the bottom right.

Pluto impels, burns, consumes, transfigures, resurrects. In myths and religious terms, it is associated with all myths of descent and transformation,, and with all deities of destruction and regeneration, death and rebirth; Dionysus, Hades and Persephone, Pan, Medusa, Lilith, Inanna, Isis and Osiris, the volcano goddess Pele, Quetzalcoatl, the Serpent power, Kundalini, Shiva, Kali, Shakti. ~ Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas Pg. 99

Regardless of your belief system… hear me tell my intuitive story about Pluto,

Regardless of Science and NASA and the pursuit to the meaning of the bones of life,

Our relationship to this planet is generational and profoundly deep within the relationship of the cosmos and our psyche…

Cool your feet, drink that drink… watch a funny film or tell a joke.

Focus on the blue entreaty of our kind hearts…

I imagine putting the veil back on the mystery at this time…

The rape by probing scientists for  knowledge is understandable…

I have a feeling that Pluto is not happy…

So as a poem is based on feelings, myths and similes…

A kind heart …is needed

what is the focus in our unconscious…

Are we all ready for this,

unknowing scientists??

All about a song…. once more… one note to the next …

Black sheep

I know this Minor Threat song and what it means.. It was understandable. Today I can relate to it in a new way. I feel more punk today then I ever have in regards to how things are going. Being out of step with the world especially popular culture. Doing my own thing like the little black sheep (lamb) that runs from the crowd. I was young when the song came out… wanting to change things… now I am a crone still wanting to change things. What has changed for me… nothing really. I may have aged and gained a few pounds; but my integrity is still sound and  I am an honest odd ball that shows loyalty as a major fault. I still believe in something bigger than myself and I still believe that an individual can make a difference.

So now that Pluto is saturating the airways I feel overwhelmed with the anger/anxiety to express myself… to a luke-warm world… ya you most likely want to put an ax to my head. If not literally… symbolically…well there was a day when that voice did mean something and it still does…at least to me it does… maybe there is a little black sheep (lamb) on the planet Pluto… a friend to the underworld… my friend too.

“…Few in the most polished circles could bear…”

Random Book Day By Hudley

Random Book Day By Hudley

On this bittersweet Sunday…caramel, salt and sweet day on accomplishment and fucking stupid neighbors and old fences torn away to expose my private sanctuary. I am pissed with Lilith beyond enduring… my voice speaks fire… so the best I can do to water this flame mouth and heart is reach for the first book I see next to me… oh little Mantis with you long razor arm…. I see a yellow blur as the book opens…

A random page, a random paragraph moves in my green mind… reading…

Page 251, Heroism, Mary Shelly by Emily W. Sunstein… I type as each word appears randomly to my understanding…


“For the rest, she was annoyed and depressed at being confined to middleclass inferiors; “a new world” to one accustomed to Shelly and Byron, and to one who distinction warranted the best England had to offer. Godwin’s best were a few professionals the older playwrights Knowles and Reynolds, the youthful Landseer, and the Prentis brothers, Stephen a poet, Edward a painter whom he invited for teas, supper and whist at The Strand, where Mary looked so out-of-place that Henry Crabb Robinson did not know her at first; “elegant and sickly and young’ and an implausible author of Frankenstein. Harriet de Boinville, who had broken with Shelly when he left Harriet but now pitied and admired Mary, would compare her to “an exotic transplanted unhappily into an unsuitable soil and shrinking before rude and shilling blasts…Your early and intimate intercourse with the most refined of human Beings has left you a standard for comparison with few in the most polished circles could bear and from which springs (of necessity) your dissatisfaction…”


Mary Shelly


Elderberry wine

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Once while working as a Home Heath Aide on the East coast I did a nice thing for a wise old lady. She had grace, experience and savvy. Her home was a grand home that had been in her family for generations. In my mind she seemed like Scarlett O’Hara. Now in a wheel chair most of the time she told me stores that I will not share here.  She survived her family and had none to tend to her needs. Her memories were as clear and vivid as her mind, well her past memories not her present ones as much. One story I will l highlight, as a mention about, is one I liked the best; how her father made Elderberry wine. They kept the home made wine in their basement.

Her home had a spiral staircase, beautiful chandeliers and ghosts. I focused on the living room and kitchen because this was all the house that was then used. I was alone in Rochester New York. I decided to visit her on Christmas Eve… yes I visited the wise old lady. I loved her story so much that I gave her a small gift of Elderberry wine. We shared a shot of the wine and that was all! I hope I never forget her smile. I put the wine up in a closet far from her knowing reach.

The Visiting Nurses Association I was working for told me another aide found the wine and accused me of being an alcoholic. They did not appreciate the truth I told them in my defense. I guess I stepped my bounds, yet I know that this wise old lady and her ghostly dad… had a good ole’ family time that Christmas Eve.




B*tch Fest !! CLick above for some… ART !! (NSFW) … 

O Grande Amor

“The plane of the solar system is tilted at an almost exactly 60 degrees to the plane of the galaxy so the planets slowly corkscrew their way around the arm of the milky way.” Pg. 4 ~ A Little Book Of Coincidence In The Solar System by John Martineau

We are the fireworks of our solar system. We break-forth as the lights in the sky with big bangs. Then we die to come-forth again.

Do the patterns in the sky reluctantly move with integrity, if down right constant boredom, in comparison to life on earth?

A cold feeling, deep and enduring

this “corkscrew” we move with…or on….


English Lyrics to song.

Come what may, my friends, there’s always a man for every woman. There will always be a false love you must forget, because it makes you feel like dying. Be that as it may love’s greatness will surely prevail, and when it wins over the heart the one who cried will then forgive.